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Momose MJ5 Urushi
Momose MJ5 Urushi
Momose MJ5 Urushi
Momose MJ5 Urushi
Momose MJ5 Urushi
Momose MJ5 Urushi
Momose MJ5 Urushi
Momose MJ5 Urushi
Momose MJ5 Urushi
Momose MJ5 Urushi
Momose MJ5 Urushi
Momose MJ5 Urushi

For the purchase of a guitar or a bass, we offer you a beautiful high end pick set and its stand. Limited offer !

Momose MJ5 Urushi



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Momose MJ5 Urushi 
Price: 2680 euros 
100% handmade, 100% custom, 100% Japan
super light ! 3, 8KG
Body Alder 2P
Neck Maple
Fingerboard Indian Rosewood
Nut Bone
Bridge GOTOH® 404BO-5
Machineheads GOTOH® GB11W
FreightJESCAR® FW9676-NS
Pickups Momose VJ-5
Controls 2Vol,1Tone
Scale Length34 inch
Width at Nut 46.0mm
Fingerboard Radius 400R
Finish urushi
String D'addario® EXP170-5SL
Accessories Gig Bag, Allen Wrench, COA
Let me introduce you to the Momose Urushi finish. 
Do you have 10 minutes? I have, believe me, no end of things to say about this finish and this incredible series. So sit back and enter the legend of Urushi lacquer.
Ki Urushi is a natural raw lacquer "ki urushi" meaning pure. It refers to both the tree, its raw product and its preparation. There are different qualities of urushi depending on the season of harvest. The ki-urushi ( spring ) naka-nuri urushi ( summer ) Uwa-nuri urushi ( summer ) There are many lacquer compositions and methodologies that vary from one craftsman to another. The Kintsugi urushi process is the authentic method that Japanese craftsmen have been using for 700 years, a very complex technique that is only done by a few masters in Japan and is reserved for very high end objects.
Drying, which lasts 7 days on average, is a very important step. It takes place in a closed space, the "Muro box", warmed and humid (75% humidity at about 30-35°), and whose hygrometry must be constant, this is the particularity of urushi lacquer, a product that can only dry in a humid environment! The drying process must be complete to guarantee quality and durability.
Momose and Headway have been working with master Noboru Kobayashi for several yearshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQ5z5eMZ7Z0
Ok, that was to introduce you to the lacquer, now the history of these Momose.
Last September, I received a Headway acoustic with this finish that I sent to Audiofanzine for a test and it received the very rare score of 9/10. The tester told me that he had never heard such a projection and sustain (the lucky owners of these acoustics will be able to confirm this). 
I then asked Momose, if it was possible to have this finish on the solid Body. 
After a little bit of negotiation with the president and the master Noboru Kobayashi, I was allowed to order this finish for guitars and basses. This is the first time in history that Momose is making guitars with this finish and as you can see, just from a visual point of view, it's incredible and it will be incredible in sound.
All year long, you receive an astronomical amount of guitar or bass proposals from hundreds of builders, stores... right? Great! But, tell me, sometimes it doesn't smell a bit like BS... right? I mean trying to sell you guitars produced in thousands and thousands of copies, from, I don't know where... with the hope that by putting an old rocker with a tattoo on his ugly arms, it triggers in you, a midinette reflex, we've all been there...
Factually here is what we propose for these Momose
- Handmade by the best Japanese guitar makers without CNC, that is to say with a Pin router like the best solid bodies of the 60's were made
- Less than 3 pieces for each shape;
- A simply extraordinary lacquer specially applied by Sensei Noboru Kobayashin, a reference in Japan. 
- All this for the price of 2 490 euros. Custom made in Japan for less than 2 500 balls...
Yes, I know... the Japanese are not the best to sell you the myth of the cool cow boy, the spastic shredder, or the blues man sitting on his rocking chair, but know that sometimes... Behind... it's just a bunch of shovels sold in hundreds of thousands of copies, proposed by yogurt sellers with excel files and a marketing team recruited in Mordor.
At Deviser (Momose) it's just 25 luthiers and 2 old men in accounting.

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