Yes, why choose a Bacchus, Momose, Headway, STR or Seventy seven guitar or bass?  

You have so many choices today, it's hard to understand what's behind the marketing of the brands. 

With the videos below, we hope you will understand why...yes why our instruments are the best value you can find in the music industry worldwide and why you can be sure you are not mistaken.  

A quick tour of Aska Factory

Introducing Momose Yasuo and Takatori Yuji

Guitar neck selection

What distinguishes Deviser guitars and basses from others?

Wood species 

Why the neck to body joint is so important?

Where do the pickups that equip our guitars come from?

Why are Bacchus handmade and Momose guitars handcrafted without CNC ?

Our vision on the woods used for the bodies and necks of our instruments.

The genesis of the "Akamatsu" guitars

Why is everything located in one place?

Our ideas on the "Historical" design

The message we would like to convey

Product added to compare.