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Bacchus Made in Japan WL4RR-STD-BRS/M BLK/OIL-MH

A passive Craft series -Woodline- Bacchus bass that inherits from the superior Handmade series and delivers on every front, from looks to playability while bringing an amazing cost-performance along for the ride!
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Bacchus Made in Japan TF5 STD ASH BK BN

Since the fan-favorite active electric -Twenty Four- bass from the Bacchus Handmade series has been out of production for some time now, we decided to bring you, its successor. Handmade one by one with extreme care by our craftsmen at Deviser Guitars’ Workshop to ensure top quality and reduce the margin of error to a minimum. This model’s biggest charms...
Bacchus made in Japan...
  • -$295.45 / -$295.45
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Bacchus made in Japan WL4RR-ALD・AC-GDP

$1,437.88 $1,733.33
It is a limited model "WL4RR-ALD AC-GDP" of the Bacchus Craft series equipped with the revolutionary bridge "Ray Ross".  It is the same playability of the BACCHUS HANDMADE series "WOODLINE", the sharp body is slim and easy to play. The neck is really speed with the satin finish.