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Momose MJ 5-BC-TOCHI WSE’22/NJ Premium

Made for the One day in Japan. This sublime Type MJ has a body in Tochi  Price: 3290 euros. 100% Handmade Japan and 100% Made in Japan
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Bacchus Handmade Woodline 417 Markus Orange

This Gorgeous bass is 100% handmade in Japan by the Bacchus team, without any CNC machine. It is fully customizable: Color, active or passive, Wood ...Feel free to ask.
Momose Classic MJ Five  NA TW
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Momose Classic MJ Five NA TW

$2,314.39 $2,550.76
Sensei Momose (pronounced Momosé), the founder of the brand which received the distinction “Artisan of exception” by the city of Matsumoto for his 50 years of career and his team built limited quantities of high ends guitars and basses. These are magnificent works of Japanese craftsmanship and probably the most beautiful replicas in the world. Momose...
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