Wise, What is the idea ?

Offer the Mojo coefficient the most important  that means a mix bass guitar + Pickup+ Preamp developed with Etienne M Bappé, Mojotone and Bacchus. He may offer us the best combo in the whole musical industry. You doubt it? Read the text below

Wise, Who is it for?

Pros musicians used to juggle between several styles of music and who are looking for a bass guitar with a huge dynamic to handle every register : Groove, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Latin

A bass guitar who doesn’t matter where you are : one night in a club, the day after in a festival, then in a studio. Every time with a different backline.


Wise, How did it start? Key facts

I swear - the hand on the book “James Jamerson, Bass of the Motown Sound - that I tell the truth the whole truth !

In may 2018 I was in Japan at Deviser in the Craft’s workshop. All day long I was testing all kind of configuration in order to find the Holy Graal. My japanese colleague who knows me well offered me nonchalantly to try a prototype from Mojotone… I had to try. We changed the preamp. We changed the bass guitar. And then I was hearing the angels to sing. No, more : I was hearing the Walkyries to sing riding dolphins on a rainbow in Mordor. You know what I mean?

Anyway . 3 months later, Etienne M Bappé - an extraordinary bass player who has played with Joe Zawinul, Ray Charles, Robben Ford, Salif Keita, Steps Ahead, Bill Evans - came to my place to test bass guitars.

He told me :
- Even if you gave me that guitar for free, if it doesn’t rock I won’t play it! I had a lot of proposals all along my career and I’ve never wanted to be endorsed.  

Etienne is addicted to bass guitars and it explains the number of guitars he has. All the main brand tried to endorse Etienne at least once.

Well while he was playing he fell on this WL5 Custom with the Mojo … lack of poise, convulsive thrill, palpitations, lost look… he told me : “that’s huge!”

He went back to Paris and compared it with his other bass guitars. As far as the mojo is concerned, this one is the best groover ever. It is the one !

He asked Swaéli his son to come with its own instrument to compare. By the way, Swaéli is an excellent bassist who plays with Damco. They were comparing with some instruments and changing cords and then they were hearing the angels too, like I did few weeks earlier.

Result : It was the Swaéli’s gift for his birthday and Etienne asked me the same configuration! I called Mojotone. I called my partner in Japan to have the same bass guitars (100% made in Japan for an incredible price)… and Wise was born ! A range  especially made for pro musicians. A bass guitar who can follow you everywhere with the biggest Mojo coefficient possible !

Price with setup included on Bacchus and Momose in stock or to order :

  • Combo MA Wise  (Preamp+pickup) on Handmade: 235 euros

  • Combo MB Wise  ( pickup+micro) on Handcrafted: 245 euros

  • Combo MB Wise  (pickup+micro) on Global: 430 euros with  assembly + whole change of the circuit

You haven’t planned to change you bass guitar but you’d like to enjoy yhe Wise Combo? Price for a 4 or 5 strings : consult us.

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