Bacchus manufactures original models of high quality, well known to lovers of violin making with its best-sellers: Duke, Woodline, T-Master, Surf 2 ...

there are 4 sub-divisions at Bacchus:

  • The "Handmade" series, entirely handmade without CNC at Aska (Deviser's workshop in Matsumoto) by the cream of Japanese violin making. The Handmade series are also customizable (colors, pickups, essences ...); It is today the most loved brand by pro musicians in Japan.
  • The “Craft” series, bodies and handles are handcrafted  and then assembled at Aska; The superb Japanese quality / price ratio. 100% Handcrafted in Japan and sublime finish.
  • The “Global” series entirely made in the Philippines by hand in the Deviser Global factory; Impeccable finish and quality of workmanship above what is found in this price range.
  • The "Universe" series which are made in China by a third party, we very rarely import this type of guitar. They are good guitars for the price but there is no such thing as Santa Claus and you cannot ask for the same technical execution as on Global, Craft or Handmade.
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